after school program

Every Tuesday and Thursday 5:00pm to 6:30pm

Masjid Jafar offers a unique after-school program. It is vitally important for our children to engage early as it helps retain knowledge and best practices that Islam teaches us. The program is for 6 years and up, including adults.

Masjid Jafar is dedicated to each and every child. Progression is the way forward and our dedicated teachers are here to do just that. Our teachers are carefully vetted and approved by the board prior to hiring for the scholastic year. We are dedicated to enhancing your kid’s knowledge about Islam, Quran, and Sunnah.

This program has been implemented with help of our Resident Scholar Imam WaliAllah Khan. Imam WaliAllah is personally involved in teaching this program for the benefit of our children.

If you have any questions about our program – please e-mail us at MasjidJafar@masjidjafar.com

We look forward to seeing your child in our programs. The 2022-2023 school year will have Sunday School as well as After School in person inshaAllah.

The fees for After School are as below:
Paid in full for the year $600 per child.
Paid in full per semester $300 per child.
Monthly payment of $60 for 10 months (August to May) per child.
There is no sibling discount at this time.
If we receive 10 monthly payments on time we will refund $50 for each of the siblings after the first child.
The fees for the Sunday School or Afterschool are designed per semester and you are allowed to make monthly payments.

Please note: Once you are registered for the semester you are responsible for the full semester payments and not the months you attend.

Dedicated teachers

Our dedicated teachers that provide a 1:1 approach to every student including our Resident Scholar Imam WaliAllah Khan.

Flexible Hours

Our after school program is designed for after hours.

registration & payment


With a monthly option - you are able to pay your child's tuition in equal payments for the entire scholastic year. Each child requires it's own registration & payment.

Masjid Jafar offers two payment options for flexibility and convenience. A complete payment enrolls the child for the entire scholastic year. You have the option to choose a monthly option for the course of the year or a one-time payment per scholastic year. Thank you. For Yearly or for Semester Payment please contact the administrators. 

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