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Contribute to Masjid Jafar

Our Masjid(s) are important for our growth as a Muslim community. By wanting to contribute to  Masjid Jafar, the benefits of having a well-funded established Masjid are countless. Your contributions are tax-deductible as we are a 501-C3 approved non-profit organization.

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Having a well established place in Johns Creeks allows the Muslim brothers and sisters to have a safe place to worship. With the community involvement and our trust we have achieved to  gain respect from our neighborly businesses and communities.

It is important to network and get to know your brothers and sisters. The world is a much bigger place and the Masjid is a great start to connect and create beautiful friendships. As thought in Islam, it is imperative to create friendships that solidifies unity and trust. 

Education is everything. A mind should not wasted and learning should be a everyday thing. Having learned something small or big can make positive impacts on yours and your family. Our Masjid offers educational programs for children and adults. 

Masjid Jafar understands the need for special speakers and events to keep the community involved and have committed to that goal thus far. From time to time we have special guest speakers that take time out of their busy lives to educate us on a particular topic. Throughout the year we host special events such as fundraising, educational programs, and anything else that may be beneficial. 

With the ever shift in landscape in our day to day lives, it has become more prominent to have community awareness. Our Masjid keeps a close eye on daily events and events happening around the world and the impact it could have. It is important for you to be involved so you are better prepared and equipped on how to deal with certain situations. 


Masjid Jafar is a 501-C3 non-profit  Organization but like any organization, it requires a contribution from the community members to upkeep and to expand. Every dollar donated will have countless rewards through Allah SWT and permanent investment. Please donate to Masjid Jafar generously. 

Monthly expenses

$ 0
Three Suites Total Rent
$ 0
Utility: Internet
$ 0
$ 0
$ 0
$ 0
$ 0
Utility: Electrical
$ 0
$ 350
General Maintenance
$ 0
Marketing Initiative
$ 0
Utility: Gas
$ 0
Security Related Expenses
$ 0
Monthly Total Supplies
Monthly Subscription Goal $150/ month (Min 160 donars Needed)
Donars 60%


To help upkeep with our $19240 monthly cost, you can make a pledge with a monthly subscription to contribute at whatever amount is feasible.


To help upkeep with our $19240 monthly cost, you can make a pledge to contribute at whatever amount you can afford as a one-time payment.

Please remember that all donations are deductions are itemized deductions on your yearly tax returns and 100% of the proceeds go to the Masjid.

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