Masjid Contribution

Masjid Contribution

 / every month

Minimum Price: $10.00 / month


Minimum Price: $10.00

Contribute to your Masjid and help build a community with a dedicated  place for worship, educational learning, engagement of youth, and much more. 


Our donation policies at Masjid Jafar is simple and straight forward! There is not middle man cuts or “administration” fees. All of your hard earned donations will be donated at 100% to your intended cause. Al-Rahmah Islamic Center and Masjid Jafar distribute 100% of all donations made to the Zakat/Sadaqa/Poor people box to the needy and poor only.

Al-Rahmah Islamic Center and Masjid Jafar maintains a separate bank account for Sadaqa, Masjid Operations, Construction and Sunday school. We do not by any means combine the funds – assuring our community members their donations will be donated as intended.

We thank you for your contribution, small or big. All of your donations will be kept 100% private and you’ll be notified once the transaction is completed. 

-Masjid Jafar Team.