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Thank you for considering contributing to Masjid Jafar Ah Rahmah Community Center. This is an important step for you and the community. Having a dedicated community Masjid will serve as place of worship, educational institution, and solitude for all brother and sisters of all ages. This is a one time donation and will not be considering as a subscription. Please donate generously. 

Please consider donating on a monthly basis, by donating a minimum of $100/month, across a minimum of 100 members, it will help cover all of our expenses entirely! No need for huge fundraisers and make it much easier for everyone to donate.

3 reviews for Masjid Onetime Donation

  1. Muhammad Junaid

    Masjid Jafar offers variety of programs – esp for Youth – Join and dont miss it – – more youth and other events –

  2. Mujtaba S Islam


    • masjidjafar

      Thank you for your feedback!

      -MJA Team.

  3. Khalid and Chama Ibrahim

    Very positive, enthusiastic team.

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